The MiniMelt Combi-furnace


Currently available as part as an entire studio kit.

The MiniMelt model has a 15kg capacity melting pot with a melt time of approx. two hours, depending upon how much glass is loaded and gas pressure. The pot (crucible) is bespoke-made, an oval shape and slightly tipped at the base, to allow for run-off when emptying. The drum above can be lifted off to access the crucible, which will need to be replaced after 40–100 melts. Some repair and cleaning work will be required from time to time, depending upon interior “accident” rate.

MiniMelt furnaces are handmade from stainless steel to ensure they will not rust as they may be exposed to rain occasionally, and have swivel wheels front and back for maneuverability. This means your furnace is for life!  The MiniMelt can be disassembled easily. The trolley base and wheels can be detached from the main frame sit alongside it in a small van or large car neatly. 

Please see below, for our PDF with further information. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.


  • Fuel – LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) or Butane (uses approx 30kg of gas per 10hrs)
  • Crucible capacity – 15 kg
  • Weight – 200kg e.
  • Height – 120cm
  • Length – 75cm
  • Width – 60cm (The detachable burner extends a further 20cm)
  • Adjustable Door openings – 28cm, 20cm or 12.5cm 
  • Heavy duty Swivel and braked castor wheels

From £9,000
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Download the MiniMelt Specification Brochure (PDF)


Other Equipment:

Pipe Warmer and Iron rest

Heat Protection Shield

Collapsible Stainless Glassblowing Gaffer Bench

Marver Table

Charging Shovel (for loading the furnace)

Emptying Ladel (for emptying the furnace)

Stainless Pastorelli Fork

Stainless Blowing Irons

Punty / Bit Irons

Replacement Crucible and consumables

Detailed information about our complete studio kit can be found on page 4 of our brochure.