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The Minimelt Glassblowing Furnace

This is our main portable, combination glory-furnace model with a bespoke 15kg capacity glass crucible, a 10” diameter opening.

The Nanomelt Glassblowing Furnace

This is the smallest portable, combination glory-furnace model with a bespoke 7kg capacity glass crucible; a 7” opening; 1 door…

Glassblowing Pipe Warmer

Pipe Warmer

This essential piece of equipment heats up your irons and keeps them hot and ready for use. It also prevents potential damage caused when cold irons with traces of leftover glass are introduced into the furnace.

Heat Protection Shield

This freestanding metal shield provides vital protection from the furnace’s intense heat.

Glassblowing Bench

Our simple, mobile glassblowing bench is made with a stainless-steel frame and includes a table for tools, a seat for the glassblower and an under-seat shelf/footrest.


The Marver is a stainless-steel work surface used to shape your hot glass and sits on a steel frame with a storage shelf and lockable wheels for manoeuvrability.

Loading Shovel

This long-handled shovel is used to load glass into your furnace before your blowing session and for reloading or ‘recharging’ the furnace while in use.
Glassblowing Hot Glass Ladle


The ladle is used to empty any left-over glass from the furnace at the end of your blowing session.

Blowing Irons

With an easy to clean brass mouthpiece, our stainless blowing irons come in two sizes - 16mm and 20mm (width/diameter)

Set of 10 Punty / Gathering Irons

Used to gather hot glass from the crucible (gathering), for adding additional pieces of glass or ‘bits’ onto blown work…

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